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Moxiter gives you the power to scale your business through trusted, reliable and affordable technology. End-to-end solution with Travel CRM, Back-office automation, Contract management and B2B distribution that helps you grow without worrying about technology infrastructure.

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Whether you are an established Online Travel Agency or a successful tour operator looking to expand by setting up an OTA, Moxiter can serve all your technology needs. With auto-scaling, our cloud based architecture can handle any load that you throw at it.

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XML integrations

Robust Booking engine can integrate more than 50 inventory suppliers (XMLs) without breaking a sweat. You’ll love when it does not make you wait for 10 seconds to show results. Ability to choose multiple payment methods is what can really take your business global.

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User Reviews: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

When you adopt Moxiter, there is no need to worry about customer support. With robust technology that has enabled millions of dollars worth of booking, you cannot go wrong with Moxiter. Check out what our clients say!

“Get ready to grow.”

“We love Moxiter. Super modern software that requires hardly any staff training because it is so easy to use. I’d tell anyone who asks: get Moxiter and get ready to grow.” – UAE Tour Operator

We evaluated all of the travel software vendors and ultimately selected Moxiter. Why? They offered the most modern combination of sophisticated functionality and user-friendly design. And product testing showed that our staff just liked using it so much more than the other software they tested.
JS, Thai DMC
While Moxiter is a newer face in the travel technology industry, the quality of their software, the excellence of their training, and responsiveness of their customer service have been fantastic. It’s not a decision you will regret or a vendor you’ll have to replace in a year.
IN, Dutch Tour Operator
What sold us on Moxiter? Nobody else was close. They had obviously looked at the first generation of travel software, and figured out how to make something much better. With Moxiter, you get something “much better” that delivers results immediately.
CP, UAE Tour Operator

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