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Current Location| Home NewsCompany Dynamic Through this large-scale financial capital open day, the capital market is more convinced of the development prospects of the Far East Horizon.

Through this large-scale financial capital open day, the capital market is more convinced of the development prospects of the Far East Horizon.

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Recently, Far East Horizon held a capital market open day event in 2019 with the theme of "steady and safe growth of financial business and gradual emergence of industrial operating value" to demonstrate the fruitful results achieved under the company's "finance+industry" two-wheel drive development strategy in recent years.


The event featured a wide range of topics and participants. A total of 34 domestic and overseas investment institutions, including Cathay Pacific Life, Yongjin Capital, Huili Fund, Ping An Asset, China Life, Anben Asset Management, BlackRock and Bosch Fund, attended the event and achieved good results.




The company invited investors to hold in-depth discussions and visit experiences in an immersive manner, focusing on and responding to the core theme that investors are concerned about-the safety and stability of financial assets and the accelerated highlighting of the intrinsic value of the industrial operation platform, further deepening investors' understanding and recognition of various business development strategies of Far East Horizon.



Why is financial business superior?

"Far East Experience" Continues to Upgrade

On the day of the event, the participants first visited the exhibition hall of the company and got a detailed understanding of the company's development history and business model. Investors have more understanding of the necessity and inevitability of the company's adhering to the development strategies of "model-driven" and "finance+industry".




In this event, one of the issues that investors were most concerned about was: what unique experience did Far East Horizon have in the past 20 years of deep financial operations? Facing the current situation, how to effectively manage risks?


Therefore, in the first meeting, the relevant persons in charge of Far East Horizon's business operation and asset management first introduced to investors the company's comprehensive and systematic risk management system and the asset management system close to the industry.


Risk control has always been the core competitiveness of Far East Horizon. Far East Horizon has been able to maintain steady and safe business growth for many years, relying on the company's strong internal driving force in risk control. During the question-and-answer session, Far East Horizon showed investors the company's determination and ability to safeguard its assets through a series of vivid historical cases.




In addition, Far East Horizon also had in-depth exchanges with investors on the company's future asset quality trend and the upgrading of its defense system in the economic downturn cycle, winning the recognition and trust of investors in a professional and solid style.




What makes it possible to run a social medical service?"Far East Model" Shows Advantages


As the company's strategic support for the future, in recent years, Far East Horizon has made many efforts around the upgrading of industrial operations. Among them, in the field of medical and health care, with its unique industrial operation concept and management mode, Far East Horizon's hospital group has successfully entered the "first class" of medical management in Chinese society.


By the end of September 2019, the hospital group has 60 medical institutions nationwide, benefiting about 100 million people, with an average daily attendance of more than 10,000 people and over 20,000 beds, which has become an important supplement to the local public medical system.


So, what is Far East Horizon's unique experience in the field of social medicine? Managers such as Wu zhijun, vice president of Far East Horizon and general manager of Far East Horizon Hospital Group, exchanged face-to-face with investors and showed them the latest development results on issues such as hospital investment layout, management mode innovation, department construction, talent introduction and information construction.



Wu zhijun said that Far East Horizon is building an innovative model of "Three Ones" (one system, one network and one hospital), which can deliver the high-quality medical resources of large cities to the small and medium-sized cities most in need of medical services in a more intensive, efficient and friendly way, and build an innovative medical service group with government support, industry recognition, people's trust, shareholders' satisfaction and win-win cooperation.


On the scene of the meeting, investors raised questions one after another on key issues such as hospital acquisition, financing planning, and post-investment management effects. The leaders at the meeting gave detailed and comprehensive answers to relevant issues, further enhancing the good impression of the capital market on the hospital group's steadfast operation of medical services and pursuit of long-term returns, and winning favorable comments from participating organizations.




Why is the equipment operation excellent? 

Be a superhero behind the scenes


In the afternoon, the guests drove to the Jiading base of Horizon Construction and Development Group, the last stop of the activity.

Horizon Construction and Development Group is a comprehensive operation service provider of construction equipment under Far East Horizon, with an asset scale of 7.5 billion yuan. It has six product lines of turnover materials, scaffolding, aerial work vehicles, road equipment, industrial forklifts and electrical equipment, and has the one-stop and full-process service capability of "equipment+construction" that few enterprises at home and abroad can provide. Over the years, Horizon Construction and Development Group has been listed in the TOP100 list of global leasing companies (IRN100). This year, it has reached a record high with 57th place. Its growth rate is the second highest in the world and it has become the behind-the-scenes hero of many national "super projects".




During the visit, the head of Horizon Construction and Development Group held in-depth communication with investors and analysts on core topics such as business model, competitive advantage, financial returns, and external environment, explaining the company's commercial value, strengthening investors' confidence in Horizon Construction and Development Group's industry status, and placing more expectations on its promotion of the company's comprehensive value.



In recent years, the Far East Horizon's "finance+industry" development strategy has continuously evolved and achieved remarkable results in all directions. Therefore, the capital market is paying increasing attention to the company's industrial operation business, and a large number of investors expect to communicate with the industrial operation management in close proximity. With the help of this unprecedented open day, the company has boosted the capital market to understand the company's development and future prospects in a timely, comprehensive and in-depth manner by strengthening the financial risk control system and the external publicity of industrial operations. To a certain extent, the company has accelerated the release of the value of the company's industrial platform in the capital market and enhanced the capital market's long-term confidence in the company's overall development strategy.

After the discussion, the investors also visited the neat and orderly equipment workshop and experienced the 36-meter-high arm-type aerial work vehicle, obtaining a rare and unforgettable experience, which also brought the open day to a harmonious and good end.