FarEastHorizonSuccessfullyHeldLargeCapitalMarketOpenDay_2020欧洲杯小组赛出线规则 FarEastHorizonSuccessfullyHeldLargeCapitalMarketOpenDay_2020欧洲杯小组赛出线规则


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Far East Horizon Successfully Held Large Capital Market Open Day

Source:FAR EAST HORIZONCreateTime:2019-10-30

On October 18, under the overall arrangement of the investor relations department, with the assistance of the capital department and the strong support of all departments of the company, the company successfully held the 2019 capital market open day activity with the theme of "steady and safe growth of financial business and gradual emergence of industrial operation value".


Due to its high transparency and sense of presence, the open day has always been one of the most effective methods in investor relations activities of listed companies. This activity included three sessions of financial business risk control and asset management orientation discussion, hospital group discussion and field visit by Horizon Construction and Development Group. it accurately responded to the core concerns of the capital market and was highly attractive to investors. the final participants included 34 organizations, including Cathay Pacific life, Yongjin capital, Huili fund, Ping an asset, China life, BlackRock and Bosch fund, with more than 40 participants. This open day was the investor relations activity with the most abundant themes, the largest number of managers  and institutions attended since the listing of the company. It was also the first attempt to share resources and promote cooperation in the direction of investor relations between the investment and customs department and the capital department.


On the day of the activity on October 18, investors first visited the exhibition hall of the company, and the commentator gave a detailed introduction to the company's development history and model evolution process. investors had a preliminary understanding of the necessity and inevitability of the company's adhering to the "model-driven" and "finance+industry" development strategies.


Risk management is the core operation link of financial enterprises and is also one of the most concerned directions of investors. After visiting the exhibition hall, we entered the first major segment of this open day-the forum on financial business risk control and asset management. Wang weijun, general manager of the Asset Management Department, and Shen liang, deputy general manager of the Business Operations Center attended the exchange. At the beginning of the meeting, Shen liang introduced the company's comprehensive risk management system to investors on behalf of the business operation center, and then Zhou renlei, director of the asset management center, introduced the company's asset management system to investors on behalf of the asset management department. In the following question-and-answer session, the participating managers showed a series of vivid historical cases to investors, vividly explained the company's determination and ability to safeguard asset safety, and had in-depth exchanges with investors on topics such as the company's future asset quality trend and the upgrading of the defense system in the economic downturn cycle. Our firm professional demeanor won the recognition and trust of investors.


Subsequently, the activity entered the second major agenda-the hospital group executive exchange forum. Wu zhijun, vice president of the company and general manager of the hospital group, Jin yihui, executive vice president of the hospital group, and Wan you, chief financial officer of the hospital group, met with the investors on behalf of the hospital group and showed them the latest development results in terms of hospital investment layout, management mode innovation, department construction, talent introduction and information construction. At the meeting, Mr. Wu said that Far East Horizon will create an innovative medical service group with government support, industry recognition, people's trust, shareholders' satisfaction and win-win cooperation through the "Three Ones" innovation model. In the final stage of the meeting, investors raised questions on key issues such as hospital acquisition, financing planning and post-investment management effects. The leaders at the meeting provided detailed, comprehensive and clear answers to relevant issues, further enhancing the good impression of the capital market on the hospital group's steadfast management of medical services and pursuit of long-term returns, and winning unanimous recognition and favorable comments from the participating organizations.


The last stop of this open day activity was a field visit to the equipment operation business of Horizon Construction and Development Group. On the afternoon of that day, the investors and their party drove to Jiading Base. Tang li, Financial Director of Horizon Construction and Development Group, and Wang yiping, Assistant General Manager, received the investors on behalf of the company and had in-depth discussions with investors. During the discussion, investors and analysts communicated with the company's senior executives on the core topics of peripheral environment, business model, competitive advantage and financial returns. The company's leaders gave patient and detailed answers one by one, explaining the commercial value of Horizon Construction and Development Group, strengthening investors' confidence in the group's leading position in the industry and placing more expectations on its enhancement of the comprehensive value of the company's shareholders. After the discussion, the company arranged investors to visit the neat and orderly workshop warehouse and experience the 36-meter-high arm aerial work vehicle, which provided a rare and unforgettable experience for many investors and analysts, and also marked the end of the open day with a harmonious atmosphere and good results.


After the event, investors said that the event was fruitful and benefited a lot. "I didn't expect Far East Horizon to be so professional outside the financial field," a fund manager said after the event. An analyst also said that it is difficult to have face-to-face communication and interaction with the company's business experts at ordinary times. He hoped Far East Horizon could hold such activities frequently to fully demonstrate its professional abilities.

Looking ahead, the investment public relations department will continue to respond positively to the enthusiastic demands of investors, continue to organize various forms of capital market exchange activities, earnestly safeguard the company's good image in the capital market, and consolidate investors' confidence in the company's "finance+industry" development strategy.