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Far East Horizon and China Import Expo are stories worth telling.

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An exciting day

The 2nd China International Import Expo

(hereinafter referred to as "Expo")

The grand expo officially opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center




Here are two key words:

Import Expo, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center


Key word 1: Import Expo

It is the world's first national exposition with import as its theme.

It is China's strategic move to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization.

It is also a global event to open up China.

It has promoted global trade and world economic growth.

It has promoted the development of an open world economy.





During the Expo

This building has been hotly discussed again.

It is the permanent venue of the Expo-the National Convention and Exhibition Center




Keyword 2: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

On November 5, more than 150 countries, regions and more than 3,000 enterprises showed their development achievements and national image to the world.

Shanghai national Convention and exhibition center

It was jointly established by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal Government.

The world's largest single building and exhibition complex

Looks like a four-leaf clover.

The total construction area is 1.47 million square meters.

The project is located in the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao CBD.

Adjacent to Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao International Airport

Based on Shanghai and Relying on Yangtze River Delta to Serve China

It is the leader in implementing the national strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration.

It is a big platform for trade, exchange and cooperation between China and the world.


It can be called the exhibition project with the highest specifications in the world.




Participated in grand events

Far East Horizon felt very honored

Today we will talk with you

The story between Far East Horizon and China Import Expo


Back to 2013

With a machine ringing at the construction site

Horizon Construction and Development Group's National Convention and Exhibition Center Project Officially Launched

The construction area of the exhibition center was 100,000 square meters.

Known as the largest exhibition center in Asia

Engineering geology was complex and plane span was large.

The super-high space top surface made the construction extremely difficult.


With strong group strength

Excellent operation service and professional technical team

Far East Horizon's Flagship Enterprise of Construction Equipment Operation

Horizon Construction and Development Group played an important role in the construction of the National Convention and Exhibition Center.




Horizon Construction and Development Group

The goal is to create excellent projects.

Assign special personnel, set up special projects and set up special teams.

Fully manage the entry and exit of equipment

Production and Use of Formwork Materials

Effective Support in Excavation Process

Finally, the perfect scheme was implemented for the engineering company.

The total construction period of the National Convention and Exhibition Center was over three years.

Horizon Construction and Development Group invested nearly 600 tons of steel supporting materials for it.

Nearly 100,000 tons of national standard steel pipes and fasteners

Nearly 300 full-series and full-model aerial work vehicles

Specialized technical support services

Comprehensive one-stop solution

And meticulous in every step

This ensured that the major projects of this century reaching the excellent standard at one time.


After the construction of the National Convention and Exhibition Center was completed

The grand meeting of the 21st century-the first China National Import Expo followed

Horizon Construction Development Group Continued Efforts

Providing the most effective service for the grand meeting of the century.


In 2018

Far East Horizon provided emergency power supply services for the entire process of the first China National Import Expo.





In 2019

Horizon Construction and Development Group Selected Again

We continued to provide quality venue construction services for the conference.

Helping the Second China International Import Expo to Launch in Prosperity

Including the provision of more than 100 internationally renowned aerial work platforms.

Serving the H1 and H2 venues of the Expo

Security, monitoring, strong electricity, weak electricity construction, etc.


The Construction of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center and the Holding of China National Import Expo

This showed the growing rise of Shanghai as a world metropolis.

The Far East Horizon had helped Shanghai develop more than these two events-

As an industry comprehensive operation service provider "based on Shanghai and radiating across the country"

Far East Horizon had always been a pioneer in Shanghai's innovative financial sector

Ranked among the Top 50 Taxpayers of Shanghai's Tertiary Industry

In the past 18 years, the company had been firmly committed to promoting the development of Shanghai.

A total of over 13 billion yuan of tax revenue had been contributed to Shanghai.


Behind the rise of Shanghai's century-long projects and the proudly standing landmarks everywhere

There is also the shadow of a large number of Far Eastern people participating-

Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai Subway

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Planetarium

Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport


Forging the Major Equipment of China

Participating in the construction of Shanghai


Far East Horizon

In order to help China's industrial upgrading and development and the improvement of people's well-being, we continue to move forward.


No.1  subway line 15

The Dadu River Road Station of Line 15 has a fast construction speed. The subway platform is located in soft soil area. The steel support for foundation pit needs long piles, which is difficult to construct and requires high construction precision. Horizon Construction Development Group has provided matching steel support according to the specific conditions of the project.



No.2  subway line 18

The plane size of foundation pit support is not large, but the quantity is large. The large stock of steel support of Horizon Construction Development Group met the project demand, and the materials entered the site in time, which provided strong support for the timely delivery of the construction period.



No.3  Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl, a landmark building in Shanghai, has a complex internal structure and high requirements on equipment size. Horizon Construction and Development Group has formulated a professional plan, rationally allocated equipment, selected equipment with light self-weight and flexibility, avoided social impact, and completed the projection film at a height of 14 meters.




No.4 Shanghai Planetarium

In November 2016, the Shanghai Planetarium officially started construction. Horizon Construction and Development Group quickly deployed nearly 20 matching high-altitude equipment to serve the construction of the stadium under the premise of short construction period and complicated technology. At present, it has completed the structural acceptance of the main building and its affiliated buildings, the lifting and unloading of steel structural girders and other key nodes, and the exhibition project is expected to be basically completed by the end of 2020.




No.5  Shanghai Pudong Airport

The construction started at the end of 2015, with a construction period of 4 years and a total construction area of more than 620,000 square meters. It is currently the largest single satellite hall in the world. Upon completion, the airport's operation efficiency will be improved. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the group strives for perfection and changes its plan to meet the needs of a full range of aerial work equipment in all directions, with the peak rental volume exceeding 200 units.




No.6 Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

The East Runway Project of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport had large investment amount, long construction time, high technical content, great construction difficulty and many units involved. Horizon Construction and Development Group had completed the project under the condition of ensuring no suspension of navigation.