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Major Shareholders

As a leading China finance leasing company, Far East Horizon has captured the attention of investors all over the world. Especially since the company has gone public, and following the continued enhancement of its company shareholder structure, the company’s asset strength and market influence have been considerably strengthened. Amongst the company’s 20 largest investors, not only are there state-owned central enterprises listed in Fortune magazine’s Fortune 500, but there are also world renowned international private equity funds, sovereign funds, insurance agencies, and other various types of mainstream investment institutions from around the world, thus achieving complementary advantages for the company’s shareholders.

Each major shareholder not only provides substantial capital and resource support for the company’s development, but also bring an international business perspective and management philosophy. This is the cornerstone of the enterprise vision established by Far East Horizon – “Integrating global resources, Promoting China’s industries”.


Sinochem Group

Formerly known as the China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation, the Sinochem Group was established in 1950 and at one time was China’s largest foreign trade enterprise. Headquartered in Beijing, it is currently an important backbone state-owned enterprise that is under the control of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

The Sinochem Group is spread across the five main areas of power, agriculture, chemical engineering, real-estate and finance. The Sinochem Group is also one of the earliest enterprises to be listed as one of Fortune magazine’s Fortune Global 500 companies. To date it has made the listing 25 times, and was ranked in 105th place in 2015. For several years now, the Sinochem Group has assiduously pushed forward with strategic transition and management reforms, realizing ongoing, healthy and rapid development.


China Minsheng Investment Corp., Ltd.

China Minsheng Investment Corp., Ltd. (“CMI”)is a large private investment company organized by ACFIC and launched by 59 well-known private enterprises from throughout China. CMI was established and registered in Shanghai in May 2014, with a registered capital of 50 billion yuan. Our businesses encompass equity investment, equity investment management, business consulting, financial consulting, industrial investment, asset management, and investment consulting.


Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd (“Cathay Life Insurance) is Taiwan’s number one life insurance company in terms of scale of assets and 2011 total annual revenue from premiums. Cathay Life Insurance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cathay Financial Holdings Co., Ltd (Cathay Holdings). Cathay Holdings is a leading financial holdings group in Taiwan, with a market value of nearly USD12 billion and total assets of around USD180 billion. The complete financial services platform under the Cathay Holdings banner includes Cathay Life Insurance, Cathay United Bank, Cathay Insurance, Cathay Securities Corporation, Cathay Securities Investment Trust and Cathay Venture Capital.