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Responsibility Concept


Responsibility Philosophy:

Creating and Sharing Value for Mutual, Harmonious Development

We believe that the essence of an enterprise’ social responsibility lies in truly promoting the healthy, continual, steady and harmonious development of the industrial economy and society through value-sharing with all related parties, including investors, clients, partners, employees, governments and society.


Industry Responsibility

Helping Promote the Industrial Economy and the Resurgence of China

Throughout our industrial services, Far East Horizon has attached special importance to basic industries related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. We have actively promoted exchange and communication within multiple industrial sectors through our endless efforts, in-depth understanding of customers’ needs and integration of global resources. This has allowed us to constantly improve our clients' competitiveness and strengthen the development and competitiveness of the entire industry, thus promoting the healthy development of the national economy.


Investor Responsibility

Sharing Growth with China through In-depth Cooperation

Far East Horizon has achieved continuous growth and value upgrading by combining its development closely with China’s economic growth through integrated industrial operations services for basic industries. Over the past 20 years, Far East Horizon has brought investors much more than just stable and continual returns.


Staff Responsibility

Respecting Employee’s Value, Helping Employee’s growth

Far East Horizon provides each employee with broad opportunities to develop themselves and creates conditions for their self-improvement through training and the tutor system, thus helping to maximize their value. Furthermore, we help employees in their personal growth via a series of goodwill activities, and create a home-like environment for their all-round development. 


Public Responsibility:

Directly giving back to society to promote social harmony 

In addition to directly promoting China’s economic growth through its industrial services, Far East Horizon also gives back to society in a variety of other ways. The Far East Horizon Charity Fund is a special public fund launched and managed by Far East Horizon that provides educational support, poverty alleviation and disaster relief to those in need. Educational support: The Far East Horizon Scholarship, Far East Horizon Education Grant and other education support programs. Poverty alleviation: We have carried poverty alleviation programs nationwide to ease the plight of disadvantaged groups in society. Disaster relief: Assistance for major disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction.