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Far East Horizon Management Visits Cathay Financial Holdings

Source:FAR EAST HORIZONCreateTime:2016-12-23

On 22 December 2016, Far East Horizon Ltd's Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and President Kong Fanxing, Executive Director and CFO Wang Mingzhe and Vice President Shang Bing and their staff went to Taiwan to pay a visit to Cathay Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (Cathay Holdings).


Cathay Holdings is a large integrated financial holdings company in Taiwan, with diversified businesses in life insurance, property insurance, securities, banking and other areas. Owned by Cathay Holdings, Cathay Life Insurance is the largest life insurance company in Taiwan’s insurance industry, and is the only Taiwanese financial enterprise to make it into Fortune Global 500. It is also a major shareholder in Far East Horizon.


During the meeting, Mr. Kong gave a detailed presentation on behalf of Far East Horizon to Cai Hongtu, Chairman of Cathay Holdings and his colleagues, on the company’s performance this year and strategic plans for the future. He also expressed his sincere gratitude for the constant support given by Cathay Holdings to Far East Horizon on governance and operations management, and said he hoped that both sides could continue to bring their respective advantages into play in developing and deepening their strategic partnership.


Afterwards, Cai Hongtu said that from the perspective of shareholders, the business performance achieved by Far East Horizon in the last few years is worthy of recognition and praise. Cathay Holdings will continue to vigorously support the management of Far East Horizon and its strategic development vision of “finance + industry”. From a business perspective, companies in Cathay Holdings’ relevant business areas have cooperated happily and successfully with Far East Horizon on a number of occasions. Looking ahead, Cathay Holdings not only greatly appreciates Far East Horizon's industry depth and advantageous position, but also hopes that on the basis of maintaining cooperation in financial business, they can seek potential collaboration opportunities in healthcare, retirement, education and other areas to further strengthen their comprehensive strategic partnership.


After the meeting, Mr. Kong presented a very Chinese-style Far East Horizon souvenir to Mr. Cai, and the meeting ended in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.