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International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd

International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Limited (abbreviated as Far Eastern Leasing) is Far Eastern Horizon’s core enterprise in the financial services area, and is China’s leading finance lease service provider.

Far Eastern Leasing provides integrated financial solutions built around finance leases at the core, helping clients to solve financial and capital problems that they encounter in the process of development. Far Eastern Leasing also takes the initiative to provide clients with the comprehensive value-added services of financial management, business operation, asset management and management consulting, boosting clients’ satisfaction levels in the process.

Far Eastern Leasing is a leader and pioneer in China’s finance lease industry, creating outstanding advantages in multiple industries, including health, packaging, transportation, construction, industry equipment, education, textiles, electronic information and public utilities. It continues to push further in the development of new business frontiers, creating new service systems, and has become one of the main forces promoting innovation and development in China’s financial lease industry.


Far East Horizon (Tianjin) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Far East Horizon (Tianjin) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Far East Tianjin Co.) is a core enterprise under the Far East Horizon banner focused on financial services. As Far Eastern Leasing’s subsidiary in Tianjin, Far East Tianjin Co. mainly caters to the needs of clients in north China, and with finance leasing as its core business, it helps clients solve financial and capital problems that they encounter during the development process. Far East Tianjin Co. adheres to the development philosophy of Far Eastern Leasing, specialising in the industries of health, packaging, transportation, construction, machinery, education, electronics and textiles, servicing real economies, and committed to growing together with its partner enterprises.


Grand Flight investment management Co., Ltd.

The Grand Flight Investment Management Co., Ltd. is Far East Horizon’s dedicated investment platform for alternative risk assets. Its core business is medium-term venture capital and expansion period growth investing. Currently, Grand Flight Investment manages a first phase USD fund and first phase RBM fund. It is focused on investing in innovative, growth-oriented enterprises that operate mainly in China and have a connection with the China market.

As of April 2016, the Grand Flight Investment team had already invested USD 200 million in a group of quality enterprises in China’s emerging markets, including,, YeePay, Best Learning, Xuebajun and For decades, Far East Horizon has served Chinese industry while upholding the spirit of “Giving You Wings, We Fly Together”. Through the three channels of financing, capital and resources, Grand Flight Investment is committed to becoming the long-term, trusted partner of its invested enterprises.

Horizon Healthcare Investment & Holding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Horizon Healthcare Investment & Holding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a company platform under the Far East Horizon banner that specializes in the health investment business. Horizon Healthcare Investment brings together Far East Horizon’s advantages in capital, technology and management. By using methods of purchase, restructuring, new planning to carry out investment activities in the industries that support healthcare organizations. Horizon Healthcare is committed to achieving the optimal placement of industry resources and promotes continuous upgrading of the industry.

Horizon Healthcare Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Horizon Healthcare Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., (abbreviated as Horizon Healthcare Management) is a collectivized health industry operation platform jointly established by Far East Horizon and Taiwan’s Changhua Christian Hospital.

Horizon Healthcare Management focusses on providing high quality and individualized hospital operation services. This is accomplished through its advanced management philosophy and methods, together with a world-class team of specialists and successful experience in running large general hospitals. Their offerings include consulting services such as hospital auditing and evaluation management, enhancement of patient safety and healthcare quality, management of hospital performance, hospital service quality management and certification of services, environmental safety management and maintenance, smart logistics services management, and project commissioning operations for two major orientations: hospital and administration.

Shanghai Horizon Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd

Shanghai Horizon Equipment & Engineering Co.,Ltd. (Horizon Equipment) is Far East Horizon’s integrated equipment asset management and operation company for the construction and engineering industries, with two subsidiary companies: Tianjin Horizon Equipment Rental Co.,Ltd. and Hongtu Equipment and Engineering Co., Ltd.

Horizon Equipment is committed to providing comprehensive integrated service solutions, including equipment leasing, sales, equipment management services, maintenance services and construction to various types of enterprises in the construction industry, leading the way in equipment leasing industry standards and improving the quality of China’s construction industry equipment management.


Shanghai Hongjin Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hongjin Equipment & Engineering Co.,Ltd. is an integrated construction equipment lease company established by Far East Horizon through investment. Hongjin Equipment is committed to providing specialized, one-stop construction equipment lease services, sales service and technical support to corporate clients in China’s mass-market construction industry. It helps customers improve operational efficiency and create value.

Construction equipment currently leased by Hongjin Equipment mainly includes scaffolding fasteners, socket-type ring-lock scaffolding and aluminium templates, etc.

Shanghai Horizon Education Investment Holdings Co., Ltd

Shanghai Horizon Education Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.  is Far East Horizon's dedicated corporate platform for investment in the education, science & technology and culture industries.

As a strategic investor, Horizon Education Investment brings together Far East Horizon Education’s considerable industry resources, ample financial strengths and sound management system, and engages in industry investment and operation mainly through equity investment, with a focus on educational, technological and cultural institutions. It promotes cross-regional/cross-industry restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and reorganization of industry resources.

Shanghai Montessori Academy Co., Ltd

Shanghai Montessori Academy Co., Ltd. is Horizon Education Investment's dedicated corporate platform for investment and operation of high-end Montessori international preschools.

Montessori Academy is establishing a network of schools in major cities across China that uses the Montessori education system. Staffed with Chinese and foreign high-quality teachers, the schools are a blend of East and West, with quality teaching and small classes. Montessori Academy is committed to becoming an outstanding child educator and giving children a wonderful start to life.